turn casual shoppers into brand advocates that keep coming back with a tiered loyalty and rewards program they can use in-store and online.

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create a point-per-dollar or visit-based loyalty program with custom tiers that fit your brand

Increase customer retention and boost your average order when you create a tiered loyalty program with exclusive offers and discounts. Use product deals, brand apparel, discounts, SWAG items and more to reward and retain your most loyal customers. Decide whether your guests earn points based on when they check-in or on how much they spend to suit the needs of your patients and customers.

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increase orders and drive traffic in-the-moment with loyalty point magnifiers

A great dispensary loyalty program is one you can use to drive immediate action. Invite your customers to come and shop when it matters most. Set point-magnifiers that give your customers more points through specific activities like purchasing during a dispensary “happy hour” or checking in at an event. Maximize your marketing campaigns by taking care of return customers while connecting with new ones.

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a cannabis loyalty program that works online as well as it does in-store

Dispensary loyalty programs only help you retain customers and increase revenue if your subscribers know about them. Easily display your loyalty tiers, available rewards, and your customer's loyalty point balance in a beautiful online dashboard on a custom domain or as an embed on your website. In-cart suggestions and a simple online reward redemption process encourage your customers to take full advantage of your loyalty program even when they are not able to make it into the store.

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