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Texting, loyalty, and customer check-in come together in Blackbird’s powerful cannabis dispensary CRM.

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Create a custom tiered loyalty program

With Blackbird’s Customer Center tools, easily create a point-per-dollar or visit-based loyalty program with custom tiers that keep your customers coming back. Set point-magnifiers to encourage your customers to earn more points through specific activities like purchasing during a dispensary “happy hour” or checking in at an event. Reward your most loyal customers with product deals, apparel, and more. Your customers can enroll in the program through in-store check-in and enrollment or if you’re using an online menu from Blackbird, your customers will be automatically enrolled when they complete their first order.

Build your customer list wherever your customers are with Check-in and Experiences

Whether your customers are online, at an event, or in your dispensary, Blackbird’s Customer Center makes it easy to capture essential data like phone numbers, emails, and product interests to build your customer list. Check-in and Drawings encourage customers to sign up for your loyalty program and marketing in-person while the Collect embed helps turn your anonymous web shoppers into long-term customers.

Not mass texts. Intelligent text offers

Text messages have been shown to have an open rate as high as 98% compared to a 20% open rate for email marketing. Use your customer data to drive traffic, move specific inventory, and build long-lasting relationships through sending targeted text messages from Connect, a part of Blackbird’s Customer Center. Create dynamic marketing campaigns with the option of SMS or MMS texting and the ability to schedule messages in advance.

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  • Cannabis should be legal. Blackbird believes that all adults should have safe access to cannabis for medical and responsible recreational use.
  • Be the best. Blackbird strives every day to service our clients and customers as efficiently and humanly as possible. We are a customer service company first and foremost. We want you to be happy – we do this together or we don't do it at all.
  • People are everything. Blackbird's value is derived directly from the happiness of our clients and fulfillment of our staff. We believe there is value in treating our employees with dignity and respect.

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