Designed for the cannabis industry, Blackbird’s suite of software provides brands and retailers the tools they need to expand their footprint, increase revenue, and retain patients and customers.

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Customer Center

SMS/MMS Texting, loyalty, and customer check-in come together in Blackbird’s powerful cannabis dispensary CRM the Customer Center. Collect customer information, build customer lists by interest, and centralize your marketing and communication efforts. When using an online menu with Blackbird, your customers can sign-up for your marketing online as well as in-person at your dispensary or an event.

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Extend beyond the walls of your brick + mortar dispensary with an online menu from Blackbird and invite your customers to explore your dispensary from the comfort of their home. Enhance your customer’s at-home shopping experience while building their cart with featured items and online loyalty rewards redemption.

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The Blackbird cannabis POS provides an easy-to-use interface to manage your dispensary’s inventory, process sales, and maintain all of your compliance documentation digitally. With a Metrc integration, license scanning, and automated pick list printing, Blackbird helps you keep your dispensary running smoothly and in compliance.

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One Platform, All of your data

Blackbird’s software is a complete ecosystem that allows you to store and use your data from one platform. When used together, MyBlackbird becomes your one source for in-store and online inventory, sales data, and customer information making it easy to create targeted marketing campaigns, increase revenue, and maintain compliance.

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  • Cannabis should be legal. Blackbird believes that all adults should have safe access to cannabis for medical and responsible recreational use.
  • Be the best. Blackbird strives every day to service our clients and customers as efficiently and humanly as possible. We are a customer service company first and foremost. We want you to be happy – we do this together or we don't do it at all.
  • People are everything. Blackbird's value is derived directly from the happiness of our clients and fulfillment of our staff. We believe there is value in treating our employees with dignity and respect.

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