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Connecting brands and retailers to consumers

BlackbirdGo is our cannabis marketplace that provides an additional revenue stream for retailers as well as an opportunity for brands to connect to consumers.

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A content marketing platform you don't have to manage

Our content marketing brings interested customers to your menus by providing valuable cannabis content that is engaging and relevant to their interests. Blackbird publishes original content through our Discover platform to engage with consumers about cannabis products, news, art, and culture.

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Stand out from the crowd, advertise with Blackbird

Your menu or your brand page receives priority placement on the BlackbirdGo cannabis marketplace when you advertise with us. Our monthly subscription model fits the goals and budgets of businesses of all sizes.

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  • Cannabis should be legal. Blackbird believes that all adults should have safe access to cannabis for medical and responsible recreational use.
  • Be the best. Blackbird strives every day to service our clients and customers as efficiently and humanly as possible. We are a customer service company first and foremost. We want you to be happy – we do this together or we don't do it at all.
  • People are everything. Blackbird's value is derived directly from the happiness of our clients and fulfillment of our staff. We believe there is value in treating our employees with dignity and respect.

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