Powerful MMS Tips to Grow your Dispensary Business

September 5, 2022

Cannabis dispensaries face some unique challenges as far as businesses go. This has been true with everything from taxes to banking to marketing, partially thanks to the lack of federal legalization. Email marketing and social media can be especially challenging for dispensaries. Cannabis newsletters and social media platforms have been shut down by providers with no notice because of automated systems flagging the content as a violation of their terms of use.

MMS marketing can be different. When using multi-media message campaigns to promote your dispensary you can ensure your local and frequent customers keep coming back for more.

7 MMS Campaign Tips to Grow your Business

You don’t just stumble on great marketing campaigns that perform well. Understanding how to plan and create a campaign for the specific type of media you’re using is important. Below you’ll find seven tips that will help you create effective MMS campaigns that help drive greater customer loyalty to your dispensary.

1) Set Goals for Your Campaigns

The purpose of any marketing campaign is to help your business meet its goals. Message marketing is no different.

The messages you send out should be enabling your business goals. Looking to increase sales? Center your campaigns around increasing the average amount spent in a transaction. For example, if your average sale is $30, you could run a campaign offering $5 off of a purchase of $50 or more. This increases your average sale by $15 after the discount.

Focus on other goals the same way. Looking to swell your loyalty lists? For instance, send VIP-only messages offering early access to highly-anticipated strains or let loyal customers know when a shipment is expected of a particular bud that sells out quickly.

2) Be Strategic About Timing

Did you know that 90% of text messages are read in the first 3 minutes after they are received? That means the timing of your messages is important.

Letting your customers know about an event at your location days ahead of time won’t work as well as letting them know hours beforehand. Remember, MMS marketing is a very “in-the-moment” style of messaging.

3) Segment your Lists

Use the information you do have about your customers to segment them into lists. Do you have some medicinal customers and others that are looking for recreational products? Put these into different lists and gear your campaigns and offers to those groups. Your response rate will be higher and your loyal customers won’t feel like they are just a number in your CRM.

4) Test Different Offers

It’s dangerous (to your business) to assume you know what offers will work best to draw your customer’s in. However, because of MMS’s quick turnaround on campaigns and Blackbird’s in-depth and easy-to-understand analytics, you can quickly see which messages were a flop, and which drew customers like bees to honey.

5) Include a Clear Call to Action

Imagine you’re new to recreational cannabis, and someone hands you a blunt but no lighter and no instructions. What do you do with it? What happens next? It seems like a great thing if only you’d gotten some direction.

A call to action in your MMS messages is like that. If you send your customers a message but don’t give them clear direction on how to act on it, it becomes confusing, not helpful, or enjoyable.

A message that says “Come in today for a free pack of rolling papers. Offer expires at midnight” with a QR code that directs your shopper to your featured products is clear and provides a pathway to purchase.

A clear call to action lets your customers know what action to take, and when to take it to get the most benefit.

6) Make use of QR codes

SMS messages had limits with what you could say regarding cannabis. With MMS marketing, you can be direct and creative, with the freedom to use cannabis-specific terms without fear of your campaign not being delivered due to carrier filtering. Want to shout out a new flower product and showcase a photo along with a QR code? That is possible and intuitive.

What information do they need to get them to meet the goal of your message? Do you have a new product they might like? “Come in today to try our new edibles. Want more info? Scan here.” In just a few words it’s clear that you have new products at your location that your customer might be interested in, and a QR code can easily direct them to exactly where you want them.

7) Measure to Track Performance

If you aren’t measuring your campaigns, how do you know if they are working?

The best way to know if your campaigns are effective is to measure their results. With hard numbers around the performance of your MMS marketing efforts, you’ll have a better idea of what messaging resonates with your customers, or when the best time to send a text about a sale.

Measurement becomes particularly important when you begin testing your messages. How do you know which offer, which call to action, or which product messages perform the best? Measuring your campaign’s results is always important, but when you’re testing it is essential.

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