Build Relationships in Your Community with Local Events

June 1, 2022

When discussing being successful in the cannabis industry, the emphasis on connecting with others in the cannabis space is justified. However, connecting with your community, business owners outside of cannabis, or your shoppers, can be just as fruitful. There are others in your community that believe just as deeply in bringing hemp, cannabis, and CBD to the market. Keep reading to learn how you can build relationships in your community with Blackbird.

Consider this, on days of the week that you are typically slower, partner with local food trucks and make an event of it! Terpene and Taco Tuesday anyone? Snowcones and Shatter Saturdays during the warmer summer months. The potential for community collaboration is wide and beneficial to the community as a whole. Partnerships such as this double your potential outreach for both the dispensary and the outside collaborator. (Of course, regulations will need to be considered and onsite consumption should not be encouraged or allowed if not yet legalized.) 

Have peace of mind during the event by having an intuitive eCommerce platform that allows you to manage fulfillment types, customize service windows, and acquire and incentivize shoppers during and after the event. Blackbird's unmatched loyalty program allows you to reward shoppers for event participation; giving them double points on orders during the event. This will help bring customers to the event and drive revenue on your slowest days.

Retailers are able to establish their dispensary as more than just the place people go to buy cannabis when they maximize community relationships. Strong connections equal strong communities. For Blackbird, people and the communities they serve are everything. See how our tools can enable you to build strong connections, reward your loyal shoppers, and manage it all seamlessly.

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  • Cannabis should be legal. Blackbird believes that all adults should have safe access to cannabis for medical and responsible recreational use.
  • Be the best. Blackbird strives every day to service our clients and customers as efficiently and humanly as possible. We are a customer service company first and foremost. We want you to be happy – we do this together or we don't do it at all.
  • People are everything. Blackbird's value is derived directly from the happiness of our clients and fulfillment of our staff. We believe there is value in treating our employees with dignity and respect.

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