Feature Updates by Blackbird: Analytics, Discounts, Menu Sections, & more!

May 16, 2022

We’re excited to share the latest advancements in Blackbird that will help your teams build efficiencies in their day and deliver exceptional customer experiences. 

Gain actionable insights with enhanced eCommerce reporting

Google Analytics is considered best in class for real-time website insight and metrics. Blackbird has leveraged all of Google’s additional eCommerce functionality and made it available to you - providing shopper insights like demographic, location, device, where they reached your menu from, etc. for actionable marketing.

Convert browsers into buyers with abandoned cart reminders

It's very common for shoppers to add products to their cart and then get distracted by life before submitting their orders.

Increase the likelihood of someone converting into a sale by utilizing the new abandoned cart campaign list condition.  

Send targeted marketing campaigns to shoppers who have abandoned their carts to increase conversion and sales revenue. Abandoned cart emails have a 10%+ conversion rate.

Curate and customize the look of your eCommerce menu

Take control of how you market your products across your eCommerce menus by highlighting specific products, special promotions, staff picks, and more with custom menu sections. 

Dispensaries that curate and customize the look of their menu see an increase between 5%-10% in average order value.

Creating discounts just got way easier

Spending too much time building discounts and promotions to be featured on your eCommerce menu? Now you can create and apply discounts for all of your dispensary locations with a few clicks of a button.

Spend less time building discounts and more time focusing on driving revenue and increasing retention.

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