NEW! Socially Distanced Dispensary Loyalty Programs with Mobile Check-in

November 16, 2020

Spend less time sanitizing and more time engaging with your customers using Mobile Check-in from Blackbird in your dispensary. So skip the tablets and invite your customers to check-in to your dispensary from their own device by texting a code to a number provided by Blackbird. Current customers can access their loyalty account, view available rewards, and redeem them from their device. New customers can use mobile check-in to enroll in your dispensary’s loyalty program and sign-up for your marketing text messages.

Mobile check-in is the newest feature to MyBlackbird’s Customer Center. It allows dispensary customers to check-in, redeem rewards, and subscribe to text message marketing from the comfort of their own devices; so it limits the need for high-touch check-in tablets and kiosks. With MyBlackbird’s Customer Center, display your unique sign-up code proudly on any tablet, computer, TV, or electronic device with internet access. 

This means you can:

  • Allow customers to check-in and redeem rewards directly from their own mobile device
  • Create a quick & easy in-store or remote check-in experience 
  • Minimize high-touch surfaces for a safer dispensary for your team and your customers

How does Mobile Check-in Work?

If a customer enters your location and would like to check-in on their mobile device, the flow is as simple as texting the displayed code to the displayed number. Upon texting, the customer will receive a confirmation text in response that contains a link that will take them to the loyalty flow, or a flow to input their information and complete their first check-in if they are a first time customer.

New Customer Experience Flow

New visitors can enroll in your dispensary's loyalty program and sign up to receive your marketing texts.

Loyalty + Rewards Customer Flow

Customers using Mobile Check-in can review their available rewards and redeem them directly from their device.

Let us help you create an online dispensary experience your customers will appreciate. Learn more about Blackbird's suite of marketing tools that help cannabis operators build their brands.

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